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Welcome to Mz. Etta’s World

Nov 8, 2019


Referred to as the “1st Daughter of Funk and R&B as well as the “Rip City Soul Funk Diva”, Arietta Ward a.k.a. Mz Etta is definitely a force to be recognized. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she is the daughter of NW Music royalty, the late Janice Marie Scroggins.

Along with  performing, Arietta has been a cosmetologist and instructor in the industry for over twenty years providing a unique perspective to everyone that has crossed her path in whichever capacity.

Arietta has amassed a following on social media and at her powerful performances for being authentic, no nonsense and unapologetically her. It’s now time for you to meet the one the call Mz. Etta


Mz. Etta talks about her experience with having debilitating stage fright. She speaks of the hurdles that she had to overcome to be such a dynamic performer with a charismatic stage persona.

You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel for the video version. 

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